born of Vineyards

is also the story of Quinta do Paral, of Vidigueira. From its complex and diversified soils, with a unique terroir, grow wines with a unique identity. 53 hectares of sheer Alentejo passion.


The hills and peaks that frame Vidigueira’s landscape are the guardians of a land historically celebrated by wine lovers.

The strong westerly wind, the humidity at night, and the rich schist, granite, and clay soils are the perfect combination for the growth of native varieties, such as the Antão Vaz, the source of the region’s famous white wines. However, this land has also welcomed other varieties, such as Perrum, Tinta Grossa, and Aragonez, which have won Vidigueira wines their fair share of fame.

Old Vines

Alentejo wines have a personality of their own. Vidigueira’s old vines, or Vinhas Velhas, are notable for their unique varieties, which make wines of unrivalled quality, in line with the true tradition of the Alentejo.

The wine produced from the old vines is essentially characterised by a greater intensity of flavour, elegance, and complexity, leaving no lover of this divine nectar indifferent.

Preserving Vidigueira’s old vines is a legacy and heritage Quinta do Paral celebrates and shows to the world.

Great Wines

Find Alentejo’s aromas and flavours in our red, white, rosé, and reserve wines. An incredible heritage in one glass.

remarkable Olive Oil

Rooted in the traditional olive groves of Vidigueira, Quinta do Paral olive oil is notable for its fruity, unique aroma.
Quinta do Paral,
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Quinta do Paral,
Apartado 31 P, 7960-131
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