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that connects culture, heritage, and sustainability. Preserving rich old vines and native varieties is a tradition we wish to keep.

Do Paral

Quinta do Paral resumes its history when in 2017, entrepreneur Dieter Morszeck acquired 85 hectares of land in the Alentejo.

Redesigned in collaboration with oenologist Luís Morgado Leão, the focus of the estate is on environmental sustainability and respect for the Alentejo culture and tradition.

The preservation of the wine culture of Alentejo, and of Vidigueira, is what moves the Quinta do Paral project.

Here, unique wines and excellent olive oils are produced. You can savour the traditions of the Alentejo in a select restaurant and unwind in a charming hotel with 21 rooms.

Quinta do Paral is a family business that offers the world the tradition of winemaking, and the soul of the region, in every bottle produced.

Dieter Morszeck

Dieter Morszeck, former president and grandson of the founder of luxury luggage brand Rimowa, splits his time between business in Switzerland and the United States and winemaking in Vidigueira.

With an innovative mind and a great passion for aeroplanes and wines, the entrepreneur fell in love with the Alentejo, where he launched the Quinta do Paral project.

“Alentejo is one of the largest and most renowned wine regions in Portugal, and Vidigueira is one of its treasures.

The preservation of our surroundings, observing all the principles of sustainability, will ensure we leave a better earth. It is this strong and emotional connection that Quinta do Paral wishes to strengthen, based on values such as trust and congeniality.

And, naturally, with a truly differentiating offer.”


Tradition, present in each bottle, is rooted in the people who dedicate themselves to the land, culture, and vineyards.

About the Vineyards

Traditional old vines, with national varieties, make wines with a strong personality and Alentejo soul.

Great Wines

Find Alentejo’s aromas and flavours in our red, white, rosé, and reserve wines. An incredible heritage in one glass.

Remarkable Olive Oil

Rooted in the traditional olive groves of Vidigueira, Quinta do Paral olive oil is notable for its fruity, unique aroma.
Quinta do Paral,
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Quinta do Paral,
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