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Quinta do Paral has 22 accommodations in a complex that offers relaxation and mindfulness. The property has contemporary rooms, a charming apartment, majestic suites and the timeless beauty of a manor house. 

Enjoy the landscapes offered by the estate, walk through the vast gardens past numerous waterfalls and stroll through over the 30 hectares of vineyards.


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An estate that combines the serenity of the Alentejo with the refinement of the wines produced at Quinta do Paral. An ethereal project designed to promote the Alentejo lifestyle of peace, tranquillity and invaluable quality time.

Quinta do Paral offers 6 types of accommodation with all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay.

The Wine Restaurant

Think comfort food—made with local, seasonal ingredients—meets sophistication, not to mention the elevated wine pairings one can expect in the heart of the Alentejo region. Well-known Portuguese Chef José Júlio Vintém is the responsible for the hotel restaurant culinary mentorship. Well-known Portuguese Chef José Júlio Vintém is the responsible for the hotel restaurant culinary mentorship.

The Estate Lounge

A cozy, atmospheric lounge welcomes travelers with a wide range of dishes to enjoy while relaxing by the pool.

The Grape Rooftop

The Grape Rooftop bar offers stunning skyline views over the vineyards. Savor tasty appetizers and toast with one of our wines while embracing the gorgeous Alentejo sunset.



Join us on a journey through the colours, flavours and culture of the Alentejo. Enjoy all the experiences that Quinta do Paral has to offer.

Why Us?

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+351 284 441 620

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We take our time to produce the best wine. To enjoy it, you must be the right age.

By entering the Quinta do Paral website, you affirm that you are of legal drinking age, according to the law in force in the country where the site is accessed.

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