Orders / Returns

Orders and payment:

a) After confirmation of the order in QUINTA DO PARAL’s online shop, an e-mail will be sent to the contact address registered by the Customer at the time of formalisation with the details of the delivery, billing, payment information, products, and prices.

b)QUINTA DO PARAL suggests to all its customers the confirmation of the details.

c) If the Customer does not receive the order confirmation e-mail, QUINTA DO PARAL should be contacted via the e-mail address indicated above.

d) In the event that the Customer requires clarifications or changes to the order and as long as the order has not yet been shipped, the Customer is asked to contact QUINTA DO PARAL via the above e-mail address as soon as possible so that the changes required can be made.

e) Changes to the details of orders already shipped will have to be reviewed by the QUINTA DO PARAL team in order to find the most appropriate solution in consultation with the customer.

f) Any and all orders placed in the QUINTA DO PARAL Online Shop will only be processed after the actual payment has been received. The formalisation of the order itself does not constitute a reservation of the products.

g) SIf the order cannot be fulfilled, in whole or in part, QUINTA DO PARAL will immediately contact the Customer in order to find the most appropriate solution.

h) Any order placed at QUINTA DO PARAL has a maximum payment period of 15 (fifteen) days, after which the order will be automatically cancelled.

i) Orders may be cancelled when expressly requested by the Customer via the e-mail address indicated above prior to their shipping.

j)The payment methods for orders placed via the QUINTA DO PARAL Online Shop include ATM reference, MB Way (both for customers with a bank account in Portugal), wire transfer, and PayPal.

k) Payments will be received in EUROS, regardless of the currency in which the transaction is made, and the Customer must bear any and all costs relating to the conversion rates of payments made in other currencies.

l) The status of orders placed via QUINTA DO PARAL’s Online Shop comprises three phases: 1) Pending: waiting for the payment to enter the QUINTA DO PARAL system, 2) EIn processing: a phase in which the payment has already been received and the order is being processed and in packaging/preparation and 3) Finished: the order has already been shipped/sent. Exceptionally, a waiting phase may be completed only in the event that QUINTA DO PARAL may be awaiting further confirmation from the Customer to proceed with the order.

Shipping costs and expenses:

a) On each order, the prices shown on the products shall be increased by the shipping costs, which shall be calculated on the basis of the sum of two factors: the cost of packing and the cost of transport. The packaging cost for each bottle is €0 and the cost of transport depends on the weight of the order and the corresponding delivery destination, which can be simulated in the shopping cart, by adding the desired products and filling in the other fields requested for this purpose. The total shipping costs will also be automatically calculated when the order is placed in the Online Shop. It should be noted that the criteria for the calculation of the costs referred to above may vary and change without prior notice.


a) Without prejudice to the provisions of clause 4., QUINTA DO PARAL shall make every effort to ship the order by the scheduled date.

b) However, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or related to the geographical area of delivery.

c) Any delay in the shipping of the order in relation to the estimated delivery time presented does not entitle the Customer to any compensation.

d) The Customer will be informed if QUINTA DO PARAL, for reasons that are not attributable to it, knows that it will not be able to meet the estimated delivery time, being able to cancel the order and be reimbursed for the amount paid.

e) The order is considered to be “delivered” on the day on which the Customer or any third party indicated by the Customer, with the exception of the carrier, acquires physical possession of the good or on the day on which the Customer or any third party indicated by the Customer, with the exception of the carrier, acquires physical possession of the last good, in the case of several goods ordered by the Customer in a single order and delivered separately.

f) If it is not possible to deliver to the Customer or to third parties at the indicated delivery address, a note will be left indicating the place where the order is located and how the Customer can request a new delivery, subject to any possible charges for storage of the product.

g) QUINTA DO PARAL declines any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the order is delivered (in particular, regarding the prohibition of import of alcoholic beverages), and the Customer is solely responsible for checking the import conditions of the product that they intend to order with the local authorities.

h) For orders to be shipped to the requested address, the shipping option – National Shipping (in the case of Portugal) and International Shipping (in the case of other countries outside Portugal) must be chosen.

i) In general, after shipping, a QUINTA DO PARAL order takes approximately: 72 hours (working days) to mainland Portugal, 15 working days to the islands of Madeira and the Azores, 4 to 7 working days to Peninsular Spain, 6 to 9 working days to the rest of Europe, and 15 working days to the rest of the world.

j) After the shipping of the orders, the monitoring of the shipping will be available in the account of the customers who have placed the order with registration, and a notification is also sent via e-mail with the information of the link to monitor the shipping for all registered and unregistered customers. If for any reason the Customer does not receive the shipping confirmation, they must contact QUINTA DO PARAL using the contact details mentioned above and request that all available information on the shipping of the order be sent again.

k) After the shipping notification, customers must monitor the status of the shipping via the link provided by QUINTA DO PARAL, so that they are aware of the state of progress until the time of delivery of the order, since QUINTA DO PARAL does not notify each change in the shipping status.

l) All products shipped by QUINTA DO PARAL must be checked at the time of delivery. If the Customer finds that the order is damaged, they must immediately return it to the transport company, duly justify the reason for the return on the carrier’s delivery note, and immediately notify QUINTA DO PARAL via the contact details mentioned above.

m) If after delivery the Customer finds that any of the items are not in compliance, they are asked to contact QUINTA DO PARAL immediately via e-mail with the order number or document number that accompanied the order, attaching images of the packaging as received and of all items for analysis, so the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

n) QUINTA DO PARAL is not responsible for deliveries made to countries where the corresponding law does not allow the entry of alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of customers to seize their orders, as well as the payment of customs fees, if any. In the event of the return of the products, QUINTA DO PARAL will only refund the amount corresponding to those products. If the Customer has any questions, they may contact QUINTA DO PARAL before placing an order.


QUINTA DO PARAL recognises to all its customers the right to terminate the contracts they enter into with it, allowing them to return, within 30 (thirty) days, the products purchased under the terms of Decree-Law No. 109-G/2021 and Decree-Law No. 84/2021, of December 10 2021.

For exchanges or returns, the Customer is requested to contact QUINTA DO PARAL via the above-mentioned e-mail, indicating the number of the order or of the document accompanying it, taking into account the conditions detailed below in the following topics:
a) to return the order, the product must be in perfect condition, and with its original packaging, accessories, or promotional offers included, and accompanied by proof of purchase or invoice.
b) the return of defective products and erroneous deliveries will be allowed, and QUINTA DO PARAL is responsible for shipping and collection expenses whenever the Customer communicates this circumstance within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receiving the product.

c) Once the goods have been received at our premises and after validating the condition of these accordingly, their cost will be returned according to the payment method made by the customer, or another solution previously agreed with the customer will be implemented.

QUINTA DO PARAL assumes responsibility for defects in origin or raw material of the purchased product and if this is confirmed by the specialised QUINTA DO PARAL team, the product will be exchanged or returned.

In the case of the exercise of the right to the free termination of the agreement, the Customer must return the goods to QUINTA DO PARAL, within 14 days from the communication of the decision to terminate the agreement, under the terms legally provided, bearing the cost of the return, when requesting a different and more onerous delivery modality than the commonly accepted and less onerous modality proposed by QUINTA DO PARAL.

QUINTA DO PARAL will not accept the return of the product after it has been used, or if it has been changed or modified.

QUINTA DO PARAL is not responsible for deficiencies arising from improper use, negligence, poor storage conditions, or force majeure.

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We take our time to produce the best wine. To enjoy it, you must be the right age.

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We take our time to produce the best wine. To enjoy it, you must be the right age.

By entering the Quinta do Paral website, you affirm that you are of legal drinking age, according to the law in force in the country where the site is accessed.